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Convergence's Managing Partner addresses the Tanzanian Ambassador
Washington D.C., February 11th, 2014

The managing partner of Convergence Management Associates, Limited, a Nassau, Bahamas International Business company met with the Tanzanian Ambassador to the United States today. Read More
"This area has been named the Callender Corner"
Added 3/20/2014, Nassau, Bahamas
Donald Callender, president of Convergence Management Associates, LLC has been a valued memer of the Graycliff Family and has been given his own corner in the restaurant dubbed the "Callender Corner". Read More
Added 07/2012

To further honor and serve our returning Heroes, injured in the field of battle, Convergence makes monthly donations to this excellent organization. We will, additionally, donate $100.00 in the name of each client that engages the services of Convergence Management Associates, LLC – year round! Working with our Company, thus not only benefits your organization in terms of business financing but supports our Wounded Warriors.

Wounded Warrior Project Website:
Supporter of Maryland Hispanic Business Conference
Added 07/2012

For the past five years, Convergence Management Associates, LLC is proud to have been a Sponsor of The Maryland Hispanic Business Conference (MDHBC). The conference is the premeir Hispanic Business event in the entire Washington, D.C. metropolitan region, serving more than 40,000 hispanic businesses in Maryland.

Fisher House Foundation
Added 05/01/2012

In order to honor our U.S. Military and to support military families, Convergence Management Associates, LLC will contribute US$100 to the Fisher House Foundation in the name of every Client that engages our services between May 1st and Memorial Day, May 28th, 2012.

Fisher House Website:
Convergence's Client Relations Director meets with former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld
Added 9/30/2011

Convergence's Client Relations Director, Ruben Reyes, met last evening (September 27th) with former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld at the historic City Tavern Club in Georgetown, Washington, DC. - (visit: The two discussed Secretary Rumsfeld's new book: "Known and Unknown - A Memoir", as well as economic and financial matters.

Prince Frederick, MD Financial Services Company Expands Into New HQ
Added 7/6/2011

Convergence Management Associates, LLC, – a Maryland, USA LLC and a Nassau, Bahamas IBC moved its U.S. headquarters location to more spacious offices in Prince Frederick, Maryland, last November. The move has proved to be a very positive one for the financial services company.

Convergence Comments
Added 12/2/2013

If the global financial crisis has taught the world anything, it’s that there is massive corruption running through western banking systems.

The big banks in New York and London, once considered to be the strongest and most stable in the world, have been completely exposed for what they are – weak, toxic, and generally unhelpful, as they sit on their hands and US$1.2 Trillion of “stimulus money” – lending to no one.

Further, they can go on borrowing money from the U.S. Federal Reserve at 0% and lending it to the U.S. government at 2% -- a practice that has essentially become the banks’ core business.

If you haven't noticed, most banks hardly lend against anything that isn’t guaranteed by the government anymore. A Fannie Mae conforming loan is, unbelievably, a no-brainer but making a small business loan is a non-starter.

How can the U.S. government continue to justify OUR Fed bailing out European banks with U.S. taxpayers’ dollars? In our opinion, that money would have been better spent if it had been made available to small businesses, in order to create jobs here in the U.S., where we need them. Instead, small businesses in the U.S. are stuck with a devastating liquidity gap.

A recent study by CFO Publishing and the Receivables Exchange says that small and mid-size U.S. firms are wrestling with the gap in liquidity and urgently need alternatives to address working capital requirements. Most smaller players have scant access to capital, even as larger companies begin to regain access to the capital market.

At the same time, nearly 75% of respondents to the survey indicate that they have to expect growth from attracting and selling to new customers – always a capital–intensive strategy. Of course, this calls for a self-funding growth strategy driven by cash flow from operations. Yet, most remain cash flow challenged… while effectively frozen out of the traditional credit markets.

Almost 60% of firms with whom we deal indicate that they do a lot of business with companies larger than their own. They often say they’re frustrated by their (larger) customers’ attempts to extend payment terms – a direct hit on liquidity.

This working capital tug-of-war between big companies and smaller suppliers is a profound business challenge which the banks continue to refuse to address. The solution, of course, is to be found in the factoring solutions provided - happily – by private capitalists.

A last word about private capital – virtually the last refuge of the small business borrower: most private capitalists today have only made their investment funds available in the last 30 to 40 years. So what? The fact that a bank has been around for a hundred years or more doesn’t mean it can’t simply sit on its share of so-called “stimulus money”. Just because there’s a government guarantee doesn’t mean they’re willing to risk a dime of that money… or that they’re not completely capable of collapsing.

Be assured, however: Private capital is still king.

On the passing of a Friend

It is with profound sadness that the Management and Staff of Convergence Management Associates, LLC, announce the passing of Thomas William Duley – a man without whom our company would not exist. A genuinely great leader, entrepreneur, motivator extraordinaire and Friend, Tom provided the germ of an idea that turned a modest business consultancy into the premier Gatekeeper Organization that Convergence is, today.

With his astute guidance, awesome fortitude (well-understood by all who really knew him), his unrelenting positive attitude, and his uncommon business sense, Tom – more than a decade ago – planted the seed that grew to be the Convergence model for business financing that entrepreneurs around the world rely upon to this day.

A mentor, literally, to thousands, Tom’s ability to turn his grateful protégés into successful professionals was without equal.

On a personal note, I’ll never forget the essential business lessons I began to learn at the knee of the Master, more than 50 years ago – an education that continued over the decades of Friendship we shared.

His legacy lives on in the vast number of those he “dared to be great” who will hold him – forever – in our hearts.

With a champion such as Tom Duley behind you, one quickly understood the concept that “failure was not an option”! We will miss him.

Godspeed, Thomas W., Godspeed.

D.J. Callender
Managing Partner

Thomas W. Duley (1928 – 2012)